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Restoration, conservation and enhancement of monuments / Exhibitions

Restoration, conservation and re-use of the Nebojša Tower in the Fortress of Belgrade (2009-2011)

For Nebojsa Tower (15th c.), where Greek national hero Rigas Feraios with seven of his companions had been jailed and murdered, EKBMM, in collaboration with the Municipality of Belgrade, elaborated a proposal for the restoration and conservation of the monument and its conversion to a museum-cultural centre dedicated to Rigas Feraios, the history of the Tower and the liberation struggle of the Serbs and the balkan peoples in general. The project has been carried out with funding by the Foreign Ministry's Hellenic Aid programme, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the  Greek Parliament on the one hand and the Municipality of Belgrade and the Municipal Operation 'Belgrade Fortress' on the other. The work has been assigned to the Municipal Operation 'Belgrade Fortress', under the supervision of a five-member Scientific Committee, consisted of experts from both countries. The work, which started in 2009, has been recently completed and its opening took place in April 2011.