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Press releases

Nebojsa Tower: the Architects Association of Belgrade awards EKBMM

The Architects Association of Belgrade awarded EKBMM, the Municipal Enterprise ‘Belgrade Fortress’ and the architects D.Milijkovic, J. Mitrovic and B.Pavic the prize ‘Architectural event of the year’ for the restoration and reuse of Nebojsa Tower in Belgrade. This complex project regarded on the one hand the restoration of the 15th century historic tower, where Rigas Feraios and his comrades were killed and on the other hand its transformation into an exhibition space and the construction of new visitor facilities for the visitors of the Tower.

The studies were conducted by the Faculty of Architecture of Belgrade Polytechnic School and the Serbian Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments. The scientific supervision of the studies and their implementation were supervised by a Greek-Serbian Scientific Committee under the presidence of Academic Gojko Subotic.

From EKBMM, Dr Evangelia Hadjitryphonos, architect, and Mr Georgios Karadedos, Professor of the History of Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and member of the Board of EKBMM, participated in the Scientific Committee.

The permanent exhibition, installed in the four levels of the Tower conceptually consistent, presents with multimedia the following subjects:

Ground floor: Nebojsa Tower: from fortification work to a prison and place of extermination

1st floor: Rigas Velestinlis

2nd floor: Towards the dream for liberation

3rd floor: Changing world. Belgrade in the first half of the 19th century.

The exhibitions at the ground floor, the 2nd and 3rd floor of the Tower were organized by the serbian side. The exhibition for Rigas Velestinlis was organized by EKBMM with the project team constituted by Dr. Nikos Vranikas, architect, archaeologist-museologist Dr mandy Kolliou and historian Dimitris Kontogeorgis, under the scientific supervision of Dr Anastasia Tourta, Director of EKBMM. The exhibition presents the personality, ideas and activity of the great visionaire and precursor of the greek revolution Rigas Velestinlis, and the influence of his ideas on the balkan peoples.

The project in its entity was funded:

A. from the greek side, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (programme of developmental cooperation ‘Hellenic Aid’), the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Greek Parliament.

B. From the serbian side, the Municipality of Belgrade and the Municipal  Enterprise ‘Belgrade Fortress’.

The project was inaugurated on the 29th of April 2012 by the Presidents of the Greek and Serbian Republic. Since then Nebojsa Tower is the most popular monument in Belgrade and center of the DunavFest (Danube Festival), which was organized by the Municipal Enterprise ‘Belgrade Fortress’ for the first time in September 2011 and is planned to evolve in a yearly event.

The Architects Association of Belgrade is a scientific-technical, non-governmental body founded in 1960.

Since 2006, in collaboration with the Cultural Center of Belgrade they organize the International Week of Architecture in Belgrade (BINA), a cross-cultural platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience between architects around the world. The  prize for Nebojsa Tower was awarded within the framework of the International Week of Architecture in Belgrade.

The prize accepted the President of EKBMM professor Nikos Zias.