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Symposia - conferences

Participation in international organizations and missions / Conferences

Participation in Conferences


Paper of the conservator Dimitra Lazidou in the Hellenic Congress of Conservators, about the Manual of the Conservation of Icons of the National Museum of Medieval Art in Korce (5-7/12/2008, Athens)

Paper of Dr Evangelia Hadjitryphonos and Mrs Despoina Skoulariki, archaeologist, entitled “Digital Cultural Heritage: Approaches and Concerns” in the Symposium organized by the Directorate of National Archive of Monuments with the subject: “Digitizing monuments, collections and archives: towards an “active” and accessible cultural content” (Athens, 21-22 November).

Participation of prof. Charalambos Bakirtzis (Honorary Ephor Of Antiquities) as representative of EKBMM in the 10th Conference of the International Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics (19-27 October, Palermo)  


Participation of Dr Evangelia Hadjitryphonos, Mrs Despoina Skoulariki, Mr Dimitrios Zygomalas, Dr Flora Karagianni, Mrs Eleni Nikiforou, Mrs Evanthia Dova and Mrs Katerina Kissa, with relevant papers, in the International Conference ““Routes of faith in the Medieval Mediterranean: History-Monuments-People-Pilgrimage prospects” in the framework of the project: ““Egeria (Etheria) - Mediterranean Medieval Places of Pilgrimage” (Thessaloniki, 7-10/11/2007).


Participation of Dr. Evangelia Hadjitryphonos, Mrs. Despoina Skoulariki and Mr. Dimitrios Zygomalas with announcements, as representatives of EKBMM, in the workshop “Byzantium-Early Islam (BYZeIS)”, organized by the Hellenic Society for the Protection of the Environment and the Cultural Heritage (department of Thessaloniki) and the Research Institute of Applied Communication of the University of Athens (Athens,06-10/02/2006).


Paper of Dr Evangelia Hadjitryphonos and Mrs. Despoina Skoulariki entitled: “International Collaboration and Informatics as Instruments of Monuments Mangement” in the conference: “The Past as Present: Historic Presentation and Site Management” (Constantinople, September  2005).

Participation of representatives of EKBMM in the conference organized in Paris,13 May 2005, by UNESCO, Council of Europe, European Committee and the Mission of United Nations in Kosovo aiming at the Protection and Rescue of the Cultural Heritage in Kosovo, after personal invitation of Mr. K. Matsuura to the President of EKBMM prof. Nikos Zia. The conference attended (†) Georgios Lavvas, academic, regular member of the A.B. of EKBMM and Dr Evangelia Hadjitryphonos, Deputy Director of EKBMM.


Participation of Dr Anastasia Tourta as representative of EKBMM in the presentation of the work of the Greek Institute of the Byzantine Studies in Venice (Venice, 24/09/2004)

Paper of Dr Evangelia Hadjitryphonos , as representative of EKBMM in the international symposium “Hierotopy. Studies in the making of sacred spaces”, (State Tretyakov Gallery and Research Centre for Eastern Christian Culture, 29/06-02/07/2004)

Participation of Dr Evangelia Hadjitryphonos , as representative of EKBMM in the conference of the European program “Corpus of the European Early Medieval Churches”, (International Research Center for Late Antiquity and Middle Ages, Motuvum, University of Zagreb, 17-20/06/2004)

Participation of Dr Evangelia Hadjitryphonos , as representative of EKBMM in the conference “Preventive Activities in Preservation of Cultural Heritage in the Areas Affected by Ethnic Tensions and Armed Conflicts”, (ICOMOS Serbia and Montenegro, National Committee, Belgrade (Serbia and Montenegro, 10-11/05/2004)


Participation of the emeritus professor (†) Georgios Lavvas as an international expert in the 1st and 2nd Meeting for the Complete Plan for the Restoration of the Architectural and Archaeological Heritage which is an initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Committee (General Directorate for the Education and Culture).(21-24/04/2004, 28-30/08/2003)

A joint announcement by Dr. Evangelia Hadjitryphonos and Professor Niko Zias entitled “The ΕΚΒΜΜ Database : “Monuments of Byzantine World” to the International symposium organized by the Athens Academy : “Index of Byzantine wall paintings. Report and prospective” ( 5-9/11/2003)

Participation of  Dr Evangelia Hadjitryphonos at the works of the IV Directorate (Culture) within the framework of the 32nd General Assembly of UNESCO, as a representative of EKBMM (Paris, 09-17/10/2003 )

Participation of  Dr Evangelia Hadjitryphonos at the works of the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO for Cultural Heritage within the framework of the 6th Extraordinary  Session , as a representative of EKBMM (Paris, 17-22/03/2003 )

Participation ofDr. Evangelia Hadjitryphonos as a representative of EKBMM with a paper entitled: “Protection and Presentation  of Monuments in a Mediterranean City. The case of Thessaloniki” presented at the congress “Old Damascus and its Preservation as a National and World Cultural Heritage”.  (Supreme Committee of Arts, Human Rights and Social Sciences, with the contribution of a non governmental organization : “Friends of Damascus”, Damascus, Syria) The congress was attended also by (†) Antiope Oikonomou as a representative of  EKBMM. (19-23/01/2003)


New meeting of representatives from country members at the conference “Byzantine monuments and World Heritage II” (November 2002)

Dr. Evangelia Hadritryfonos attended the congress “Management and Preservation of Archaeological Sites”, organized by ICOMOS of Turkey and Greece at Attaleia, as a representative of EKBMM (28/04-03/05/2002)

Participation of Emeritus Professor (†) Georgios Lavvas with a speech in the celebrations, organized in Jordan under the auspices of the Jordan Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Dr. Talel Al – Rifaia and the Greek ambassador to Jordan Mr. K. Karabetsi in order to highlight the work that was carried out in the Monastery of St. Lot (April 2002).

Participation of Dr Evangelia Hadjitryphonos with a paper in the congress “Cultural heritage at risk in the event of armed conflict-Macedonia case-”, (Macedonian National Committee of International Council of Monuments and Sites, ICOMOS, Ohrid,(Republic of Macedonia) as a representative of EKBMM and the Directorate of Byzantine and Post –Byzantine Monuments and Sites of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture. Participation in the above workshop of (†) Antiope Oikonomou, also, as a representative of EKBMM. (20-24/02/2002)


Participation of Professor Nikos Zias in the 2nd Meeting of Greek and Cypriot Byzantinists (Athens, 24-26/09/1999)

Participation of Professor Nikos Zias and Mrs Eutuchia Kourkoutidou-Nikolaidou in the international congress “Byzantium and Hellenism: The Greek Renaissance", as representatives of EKBMM (Venice 1999)